Agricultural Property Management For Our Clients

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, PhD. 16.05.2016

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Agricultural Property Management

You have to worry about soil, low incomes and are thinking about selling it? Preserve land and rental income for the next generation and transfer worries to us.

Do you have problems with a farmer-managed on your land?

You have a really good lease contract?

Do you feel that the farmer managing your soil does what he wants?

You own farmland, but do not know exactly where and to what extent?

You have farmland or ownership share, but does not know who and how to manage it?

Receive for the use of agricultural land rents are too low or no?

Our services

For our clients, we provide long-term management of agricultural land in their ownership. On the basis of a trusteeship agreement arrange all formalities, the registration of land, the revision of existing contracts, negotiating with farmers, we are searching the best opportunities for leasing / renting farmland, precise conclude new lease agreements in favor of landowners.

** Why land management with us? **

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