New Act on Public Procurement (Act on Procurement Procedures) 2016

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, PhD. 14.03.2016

The new Public Procurement Act (Act on tenders) 2016

The Ministry for Regional Development (MMR) is currently preparing a new act called the labor law on tenders. Outline of a bill in mid-March, the Government approved. The standard specifies the terms of reference. Contracting authorities giving greater powers, while ordering them to proceed transparently and appropriately. Prohibits such as concluding a contract with the bidder who meets the requirements of the law or sponsor. It also increases the allowable limit for rework by 50 percent. MMR also wants some types of tenders prohibit choose the winner by only rates. Public institutions wants to allow to award contracts for legal services in judicial and administrative litigation without a tender. Paragrafovým wording the government should deal with this in May or June, the Chamber of Deputies should come in the fall. Due to European rules must be the new law to take effect no later than 18 April 2016. The new law on public procurement is based on EU directives, which were approved in April 2015. For example, it introduces electronic submission of tenders and expands the judging criteria. It is expected that this will reduce the administrative demands of the procurement process.

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